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Powerful Hoodoo Products

Spiritual Products & Voodoo Spells by Mississippi Root Doctors

Triple Strength Mississippi Hoodoo Bath Washes

with Herbs, Roots & Minerals included

$20.00 per XL 8oz Bottle

Each Bottle Contains Enough for 3 Ritual Baths or 10 or more Daily Power Boosting Showers

Unlimited Prosperity

This very special product has been empowered and energized with triple strength MONEY DRAWING POWER! This formula has been known to assist in drawing abundant financial blessings and prosperity to those who use it. If you want a formula that draws in wealth from expected and unexpected sources then our clients say this is the product for you! Many people use this product successfully in all matters of money drawing including general financial gain, increasing sales, gambling/ lotto, and being paid money that is owed to them. We make no claims, but it is often said that wherever there is an open way for money to flow through to you it will come through with the assistance of this powerful products.

Fiery Romantic Love

Want to DRASTICALLY HEAT UP YOUR ROMANTIC LIFE with a new love or with your current partner? Our clients say this is the oil formula you need! Many couples swear that this powerful oil assisted in bringing them together and helps keep them close. Whether you are looking for a new love or looking to heat up your current love life, our clients say this product will assist in adding the FIRE that you desire! Gain control of your romantic situation by having the romance you want now, not later! Why wait? Get out there and make it happen!

Ultimate Success!

This HIGHLY POWERFUL formula is said to be useful in all areas where success is needed. We are told that through the assistance of this candle many have seen success in the areas of business, job/career, interviews, sales, test taking, improving performance and gaining favor of any kind in almost any situation. Although this formula has been known to assist in bringing ultimate success in almost any situation, remember that your part is necessary as truly successful people are driven to make it happen! This product ultimately gives you an ADVANTAGE ON THE COMPETITION! It has been known to be especially useful when going on job interviews or when looking to gain

a promotion.

Clear & Open Roads/ Road Opener

If you need ALL BLOCKAGE REMOVED in your situation, then our clients say this is the product for you! We often find that many people have blockages that are both self-imposed and sent by others. Many believe that simply clearing away these problems/issues can make all the difference in bringing about success. Historically road opening has been known to assist in gaining your desires more quickly. Many clients seeking both love and money have found this miracle bath formula useful in opening the way for success. So if results matter to you, removing all blockages is always a good first step!

Cleanse Me O' Lord/ Unjinxing

This highly spiritual wash, made with many biblical ingredients is one of our favorites because it brings about spiritual renewal. This formula assists in REMOVING JINXES, NEGATIVITY, CROSSING, BAD LUCK, THE EVIL EYE, CURSES and other spiritually negative conditions. Our clients say this product is especially useful for those who have a constant streak of bad luck and don’t know why. If you have tried many different ways to receive relief to no avail, then this maybe the best miracle bath for you. This formula utilizes many traditional, biblical and technologically energized formulas that include herbs, roots, minerals and oils to assist in spiritual relief.

Get on the road to being spiritually "whiter than snow" through the assistance of this wonderful formula.